Building an Industrial IoT solution can be a complicated and expensive undertaking …

As a business owner or manager, you probably know how daunting the task of IIoT-enabling your factory operations can be. Choosing an effective strategy that yields the expected ROI is a very risky undertaking – requiring a lot of data gathering, attention to detail, assessing direct and hidden costs, and estimating operating cost advantages over time. Further, implementing a strategy involves its own challenges, often requiring complicated trials, system integration, managing application development for mobile and desktop applications and recurring development and maintenance costs.

… but not with Axzon’s cloud-ready sensing solution

At Axzon, we met these challenges head-on to drive the development of a turn-key sensor-to-cloud wireless sensing solution that allows you to quickly evaluate the system and gain confidence in its sensing and cloud analytics capabilities, before scaling to production.

We offer a variety of temperature and moisture sensors to suit your industrial application’s needs. Our evaluation kit includes a smart reader with our ReaderService™ software stack that simplifies the acquisition of sensor data and delivering it to a cloud IoT platform through standard REST API and MQTT interfaces.

We have partnered with Smartrac to integrate our solution with Smart Cosmos, their cloud IoT platform to deliver a ready-out-of-the-box solution for our end customers.

To learn more about our joint offering with Smartrac, please download our whitepaper and contact Axzon’s sales team for assessing your IIoT needs and how we can help address them.

Integration with other cloud IoT platforms like Azure IoT Hub is also supported, and we are continuing to develop capabilities to connect with other platforms in a seamless and secure manner.

ORDER: RFM5110-K 4-channel Fixed Reader with ReaderService

ORDER: RFM5111-K 16-channel Fixed Reader with ReaderService

Product and pricing details available upon request.