We’re always looking for ways to provide more value. That’s why we design systems to deliver not just sensed data, but actionable insights that help you change the way you do business. Our sensors deliver mountains of raw data, while our system-level solutions use our custom algorithms to make sense of it all for you. This is the heart of our approach and our driving vision: SENSING DATA INSIGHTS.

Our system solutions collect the relevant sensor data while managing the RF communication process. This means we keep configure the RF radio for best operation and maximum read range. We know our sensors well, so we also analyze the raw data and filter out entries with lower utility. We work hard to convert raw sensor data into trusted data insights.

Each system solution has been configured with the right sensors, cables, antennas, and software to address your needs. We provide comprehensive documentation to help with easy system setup, sensor placement and advanced uses of the software. Our goal is for the system to deliver useful information within hours of the unpacking. If you have questions, try our community forum. We have a full staff of applications engineers ready to assist you on the forum, or via email.


Moisture and Temperature Sensor Evaluation Kit

ORDER: RFM5103-R Moisture and Temperature Sensor Evaluation Kit
Includes ruggedized, long-range Convergence CS108 handheld sled reader that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This reader includes a demo app to read Magnus M3-based temperature and moisture sensors and is best used for line-of-sight applications requiring range ranges up to 20 meters. Temperature and moisture sensors are sold separately.

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