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Our vision is to enable you and your applications to handle more processing at the edge between the edge of the cloud to the edge of the physical world; we term this as Edge-to-Edge processing. Raw data is valuable, but processing that data into actionable insights is even more valuable. Our industrial IoT platform software runs on our readers, your PC or in the cloud. The lower-level RfmApi™ software supports customers who need tight control of the sensors, the RF readers, or the reading process. The high-level ReaderService™ software is a modern microservice that handles the sensor and RF reader details through an industry-standard REST interface to easily connect with the broader world of IoT solutions, or to your own internal business processes.

We encapsulated our processing algorithms within the RfmApi software to deal with sensor details, converting raw sensor information into trusted data insights can be a daunting task otherwise. Access any of the sensing capabilities quickly feed this data into your applications with RfmApi.

If you’d rather have the software manage the details, then the high-level ReaderService is the answer. It’s a full software microservice with a REST interface for connecting applications and web servers. Microservices are software building blocks that are combined to create highly capable applications with minimum effort. Get your data to the cloud faster and easier with ReaderService.

RfmApi™ for edge program development

The RfmApi™ Java library simplifies common programming activities and interactions between sensors and the RF reader. Readers have great flexibility but can seem complex to new users. The RfmApi abstracts this complexity into a simple-to-use interface. Software developers can keep their attention on the application-level code, instead of being forced to deal with all the technical details of RF readers and sensors. Our algorithms integrated into the RfmApi help turn raw sensor data into trusted data used to generate insights and drive business decisions.

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ReaderService microservice to process data at the edge

ReaderService™ is a microservice that runs on smart readers at the edge of the industrial IoT. A microservice is a small self-contained program that generally includes an easily accessed REST interface. A REST interface allows many types of programs to interact with the ReaderService, even if those programs are written in other programming languages. Programs interacting with a microservice can be located on the smart RF reader, on a PC, or even in the cloud. The ReaderService builds on the RfmApi sensor and data management software. The integrated database and advanced message queuing capabilities are powerful ReaderService features for high-level application developers.

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