At the heart of Axzon’s innovation is our silicon, which forms the basis of our world-class smart passive sensing solutions. Our silicon die, bare or packaged as QFN, open up a world of possibilities to passively sense temperature, moisture, pH, relative humidity, strain, and a host of other physical quantities.

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Image of Smart Passive Sensing devices


Our sensing solutions bring SMART manufacturing tools to the automotive assembly line. Real-time data helps to find assembly issues before vehicles leave the factory. No one wants to see problems with their vehicle. Unfortunately, 3% or more of vehicles leave the factory with leaks and assembly defects. We can all benefit from better quality and lower repair costs with Smart Passive Sensing.

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Evaluation Systems

We offer evaluation systems with sensors paired with either a handheld reader or a fixed reader. If there’s an equipment issue you need to monitor right now, then a handheld reader is the place to start. With the handheld option, you can start reading data within minutes of installing the sensors. If your goal is to outfit a large section of your plant with sensors, then the fixed readers may be a more appropriate long-term option, since they collect data non-stop, 24/7. Sensors work out-of-the-box and are fully compatible with both the handheld readers and the fixed readers.

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