• Moisture intrusion monitoring
    • Automotive leaks
    • Airframe monitoring
    • Semi-enclosed compartments
    • Corrosion prevention


    • Standard temperature range
      -40 °C to +85 °C
    • Powered by Magnus® S2
    • Flexible sensor design
    • Battery-free design
    • Sensor size: 79.5 x 19.2 mm
    • Adhesive backing

Quality Control Moisture Intrusion Sensor

The RFM2110 wireless sensor detects water intrusion in automotive, aircraft, and other semi-enclosed spaces. Modern vehicle assembly is complex and subject to water leaks which require complex repairs. The RFM2110 moisture sensor has been specifically designed for use on metallic surfaces. The flexible design can be attached to complex surfaces using the integrated adhesive strip.


The RFM2110 is available in FCC and EU/ETSI frequency ranges. The RFM2110 requires a RAIN/UHF compliant reader. These sensors can be purchased separately or as part of a kit.

Purchase RFM2110 Wireless Moisture Intrusion Sensors

ORDER: RFM2110-CFR for FCC version or RFM2110-CER for EU/ETSI
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Pack of 25:
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