• Incontinence monitoring
    • Moisture monitoring
    • Rain monitoring
    • Moisture content
    • Building materials
    • Corrosion prevention


    • Powered by Magnus®-S3
    • Replaces the RFM2120
    • Flexible, ultra-thin design
    • Wireless and battery-free

Moisture Detection Sensor for Healthcare

The RFM2121 battery-free moisture detection sensor is applied to the outside of garments and can detect the presence of liquid. The typical use is in healthcare and Smart Diaper™ settings. The sensor can be read wirelessly through bedding and clothing. Healthcare workers can determine if patients need attention.


The RFM2121 is available in FCC and EU/ETSI frequency ranges. The RFM2121 Smart Sensor™ requires a RAIN/UHF compliant reader. These sensors can be purchased separately or as part of a kit.

Purchase RFM2121 Wireless Flexible Moisture Sensors

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