Press release from: 03 May 2016

RFMicron Deploys Predictive Maintenance Kit for Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Ready-to-go kit delivers critical temperature monitoring for mechanical plants and motors using self-install and self-monitoring approach

Austin, TX—RFMicron, Inc. deploys a complete ready-to-go out of the box temperature monitoring kit with advanced application software to monitor critical motor and mechanical plant temperatures.   The worldwide trend toward energy-efficient “green” motors strives to reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency.  Modern motors are designed into mechanical systems with power ratings that are much closer to the motor’s thermal limits, which increases the risk of overheating and significant motor damage.  The RFMicron Predictive Maintenance Kit includes rugged, battery-free, wireless temperature sensors for use on motors, pumps, and other mechanical equipment.  The kit also includes a handheld wireless reader preloaded with comprehensive temperature monitoring software to manage alarms and alerts.

The Predictive Maintenance Kit from RFMicron incorporates Smart Passive Sensors™ that deliver wireless temperature monitoring without the need for expensive wired power feeds or costly batteries with their ongoing maintenance cost.
In the past, motors were commonly specified with significantly more horsepower than the load required.  This resulted in excellent reliability, but it was not efficient in terms of operating cost or energy consumption.  To improve both operational costs and energy efficiency, electric motors now operate very close to their physical limits.  As a result, plant operators must carefully monitor motor temperature under an increasing range of circumstances, including operation restarts after a power failure, etc.  Severe damage and costly repairs are likely if a motor exceeds its temperature limit by even a few degrees.  At a minimum, the motor life expectancy can be reduced by 50% from a single overheating event.

The Predictive Maintenance Kit from RFMicron incorporates Smart Passive Sensors™ that deliver wireless temperature monitoring without the need for expensive wired power feeds or costly batteries with their ongoing maintenance cost.  Smart Passive Sensors employ energy harvesting when the sensor is read to power and sense temperature efficiently and wirelessly transmit the results.  The result is a lower sensor cost per node, which means more sensors can be deployed to monitor more equipment for a better understanding of plant operations.

Each sensor is built in a rugged ceramic package with a simple peel-and-stick backing that adheres to the motor core or bearing cover.  The sensors are temperature-calibrated during manufacturing, and provide insight into normal running temperatures, the magnitude of sharp temperature rises when motors restart, and general equipment temperatures as might be needed to monitor bearings.  The software has built-in alarms that alert on deviations from normal operating temperatures which can indicate pending mechanical failure, anomalies with the electrical supply, and other issues that might affect plant reliability and up-time KPIs.

Each Predictive Maintenance Kit includes 75 battery-free wireless Smart Passive Sensors from RFMicron, a handheld reader with pre-installed advanced software, and various instructional stickers to aide in installation and use of the kit.  All sensors are Powered by Magnus® S3 integrated circuits from RFMicron.


The Predictive Maintenance Kit, and other RFMicron wireless Smart Passive Sensor evaluation kits, are available directly from the RFMicron website at or the Atlas RFID Store at

RFMicron is enabling deep business insights across a range of industries with a new class of wireless sensors to reduce operating costs and lower energy consumption.  The RFMicron smart passive sensors deliver wireless connectivity without the cost and bulk of batteries required for traditional IoT/IoE sensor nodes.  Low-cost smart passive sensors can be deployed in more places allowing the capture more data.  These sensors provide the economies of scale necessary to drive pervasive deployment into very high volume applications, e.g. for the automotive, construction, predictive maintenance and healthcare industries.

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