Press release from: 10 May 2017

RFMicron Offers Gas Detection for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and New Security Upgrades from Passive Sensor IC

RFMicron announces Xerxes sensor IC to detect gases using wireless sensor designs that do not use batteries, while also extending encryption and security features to protect IoT data.

Phoenix, AZ – May 10, 2017
 – RFMicron, Inc announces Xerxes™ Wireless Passive Sensor IC that adds two analog ports for common sensing circuits, support for gas-reactive material monitoring, humidity sensor capabilities and other sensing options. The RFM5000 Xerxes Wireless Passive Sensor IC also supports robust encryption and data hiding to protect wireless sensor communications from hacker eavesdropping and interference. The expanded range of supported sensor options, combined with robust over-the-air security allows Smart Passive Sensing™ technology to serve a larger range of IoT sensor applications at economical price points.

RFMicron’s Smart Passive Sensing™ devices harvest their power from an RF reader, which frees the sensor from needing a local power source like a battery. Eliminating the sensor battery yields smaller sensors that can be economically deployed in more varied applications, to monitor larger numbers of parameters.

The RFM5000 adds security upgrades and two very flexible analog ports that connect to more sensing circuits and expand the range of applications.
“The Xerxes sensor IC is an important addition in RFMicron’s quest to connect the many objects that remain unconnected. Our solution will fulfill the long-standing promise of IoT to connect every conceivable object and to capture meaningful data,” said Shahriar Rokhsaz, CEO, RFMicron. “The RFM5000 adds two very flexible analog ports that connect to more sensing circuits and significantly expands the range of applications RFMicron serves. The security upgrades that we’ve built into the RFM5000 are an essential, but often overlooked, facet of any IoT solution. We’ve taken a major step to protect IoT applications from hacking risks.”

The RFM5000 Xerxes sensor IC adds new convenience features that access more sensor data with fewer radio commands. The user memory has been expanded to store multi-factor calibration data for the flexible analog port sensors. Advanced averaging modes deliver more data values faster to improve sensor accuracy.

Xerxes-based prototype sensors will be on display at the RFID Journal LIVE! tradeshow in Phoenix, Arizona May 10-11th 2017. Additional Xerxes sensor configurations are in planning and will be available soon.

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