Press release from: 10 May 2017

RFMicron Stretches Range with Wireless Temperature Sensor for Data Centers and Switchgear

RFMicron adds RFM3240 temperature sensor to monitor ceiling-mounted power distribution busbars used in data centers and utility-class switchgear used in electric power distribution.

Austin, TX – May 10, 2017 – RFMicron, Inc expands rugged sensor options with a new long-range wireless temperature sensor for use in data center busbar and electric power switchgear applications. The RFM3240 wireless temperature sensor employs battery-free and maintenance-free Smart Passive Sensing™ technology. By eliminating batteries and the associated maintenance, this rugged sensor can be deployed in dangerous and high-voltage environments where wired sensors would otherwise create dangerous arcing risks.

Image of RFM3240 temperature sensor

RFM3240 Long-Range Wireless Temperature Sensor

Switchgear and busbars control and route massive amounts of electrical power. Equipment aging causes component connections to loosen over time, which creates dangerous arcing conditions that can vaporize components in highly dangerous explosions. Unusual temperature increases indicate pending component failures and alert maintenance teams before these catastrophic failures occur.

Our newest RFM3240 long-range wireless temperature sensor monitors data center busbar and electric  switchgear equipment and alerts maintenance teams when aging and heavy use are on the verge of causing failures or even dangerous explosions.
“Power distribution equipment carries the power that drives our modern world. Our newest long-range wireless temperature sensor monitors that equipment and alerts maintenance teams when aging and heavy use are on the verge of causing dangerous explosions,” said Shahriar Rokhsaz, CEO, RFMicron. “The RFM3240 achieves a 19-meter read range, which is easily enough to monitor busbars mounted high up in the ceiling of data centers. While we’re excited about this technical achievement from the newest variant of our Magnus®-S sensor ICs, we’re equally excited about the chance to improve human safety and ensure that equipment keeps running.”

The RFM3240 is one of RFMicron’s rugged temperature sensors that harvests power from an RF reader using the Magnus-S sensor IC. The Magnus-S devices incorporate unique IDs that specifically pinpoint failing switchgear components, busbars and other industrial equipment when temperature spikes flag pending components failures.

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