RFMicron, Inc announces on April, 11, 2018 that it will begin doing business as Axzon effective immediately. The new tradename is part of a re-branding initiative to better align the Company’s tradename with its growing line of Smart Passive Sensing™ products, complete systems, and data-centric solutions.

To adequately reflect our current and future products, and in particular our mission of connecting the unconnected, we will begin conducting business under the new trade name, Axzon effective immediately,” said Shahriar Rokhsaz, CEO and Founder. “It has always been my vision to enable a connected world where information can be retrieved from everything, and everywhere. We’ve made great strides toward that vision, and the adoption of the Axzon brand is an acknowledgment of our team’s progress toward a more connected and data-centric product offering.

Smart Passive Sensing devices, now under the Axzon brand, harvest their power from an RF reader, which frees the sensor from needing a local power source like a battery. Eliminating the sensor battery yields smaller sensors that can be economically deployed in more varied applications, to monitor larger numbers of parameters.

Newly available Axzon software extends the sensor offering to process sensor data at the edge of any network. Our sensors generate mountains of data, that is best processed in real time using the Axzon software platform running on local smart readers. The outcome is more relevant data available faster.

“I’m very excited about two powerful software solutions we’re bringing to market that incorporate our advanced sensing and processing algorithms,” said Rokhsaz. “These data-centric products move us closer to our overall vision of connecting the unconnected and leveraging that data to generate highly valuable business insights.”