With RFMicron’s Smart Passive Sensing™ technology, you can monitor thermal conditions in your switchgear equipment in a safe and continuous manner, helping you avoid catastrophic failures and saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance and liability costs each year.

RFMicron’s Temperature Monitoring solution for Switchgear

Our sensors are passive, or battery-free, thus requiring no maintenance over the lifetime of the switchgear. Their small and compact form factor makes installation easier and allows for wider coverage within the switchgear equipment which makes them preferable to the incumbent solutions like infrared windows and scanners. The wireless communication between the reader and multiple sensors further simplifies installation and reduces risks of arcing caused by running wires through the switchgear cabinets.

This wireless communication uses a digital protocol with checksums on the transmission and reception of all data to make sure that all reads are clean. Furthermore, data readings do not require removing cabinet doors, wearing protective gear or deenergizing the equipment, thus allowing inspections to proceed safely without disrupting the switchgear’s normal functions. By allowing for a continuous and non-disruptive means of monitoring temperature within the equipment, RFMicron empowers you with a safe and reliable way of keeping your equipment and your maintenance teams out of harm’s way.

To learn more about the RFMicron’s wireless predictive maintenance system, download our user guide and white paper at https://axzon.com/rfm5107-switchgear-temperature-monitor/.

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