We’re always looking for ways to provide more value. That’s why we design systems to deliver not just sensed data, but actionable insights that help you change the way you do business. Our sensors deliver mountains of raw data, while our system-level solutions use our custom algorithms to make sense of it all for you. This is the heart of our approach and our driving vision: SENSING DATA INSIGHTS.

Our system solutions collect the relevant sensor data while managing the RF communication process. This means we keep configure the RF radio for best operation and maximum read range. We know our sensors well, so we also analyze the raw data and filter out entries with lower utility. We work hard to convert raw sensor data into trusted data insights.

Each system solution has been configured with the right sensors, cables, antennas, and software to address your needs. We provide comprehensive documentation to help with easy system setup, sensor placement and advanced uses of the software. Our goal is for the system to deliver useful information within hours of the unpacking. If you have questions, try our community forum. We have a full staff of applications engineers ready to assist you on the forum, or via email.

Cloud-ready Wireless Sensing Systems

We offer turn-key sensor-to-cloud sensing solutions that enable you to rapidly evaluate our sensor systems and scale to a cloud-based solution, with no system integration work on your side. Our ReaderService™ software solution abstracts the sensor data acquisition and reader control from an application by exposing standard REST API and MQTT interfaces. We currently support most of Nordic ID’s smart fixed readers and are continuously expanding our portfolio of supported readers.

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Wireless Predictive Maintenance System

ORDER: RFM5104-A/RFM5104-B Wireless Predictive Maintenance System
This portable predictive maintenance system allows mechanical plant personnel to monitor equipment operating temperatures, and alerts teams to out-of-range performance when equipment exceeds baseline alarms. For equipment subject to overheating risks from frequent restarts, the system includes a restart alarm settings to alert personnel when equipment needs additional time to cool before restarting. The system includes 75 rugged Smart Passive Sensing devices for temperature monitoring.

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Wireless Incontinence Management System

ORDER: RFM5105-A Wireless Incontinence Management System
This portable incontinence management system alerts caregivers to the need to change patient garments in Long Term Care (LTC) facilities, nursing homes and Hospitals. The system uses battery-free and wire-free sensors which are unobtrusive. Since the sensors are applied to the outside of garments they do not come into contact with liquid. System includes moisture sensors suitable for medical use.

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Wireless Moisture Intrusion Detection System

ORDER: RFM5106-B Wireless Moisture Intrusion Detection System
Water is surprisingly effective at detecting vehicle assembly defects. This portable moisture intrusion detection system alerts automotive assembly teams when leaks assembly defects are present. The system provides location specific reporting and data logging. The high-power handheld reader is effective from outside of the vehicle, but is small enough to be used inside the vehicle during the design and engineering phases. System includes flexible moisture sensors suitable for use directly on-metal surfaces.

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High pressure spray testing to find assembly defects and leaks in automotive assembly

Moisture Intrusion Portal Detection System

ORDER: RFM5126-A Moisture Intrusion Portal Detection System
New portal finds the leaks, and keeps the line moving; drive-through portal flags the leaks by location to speed rework and fewer inspection escapes. Get ahead of the issues with real-time reporting and insights. Thin, wireless, and battery-free RFM2110 Moisture Sensors use Smart Passive Sensing™ to find leaks fast. Data from the system positively identifies any leaks by location and builds a collection of data to help automakers find the root causes large and small that trigger these leaks in the first place.

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RFM5126 Moisture Intrusion Detection Console/Portal Schematic