RFMicron offers a range of temperature sensors using our Smart Passive Sensing™ technology that can be used for continuous monitoring on electric motors and other industrial equipment.

RFM3250 Rugged Wireless Temperature Sensor

RFM3250 sensor

The RFM3250 is a rugged on-metal sensor that is appropriate for use on electric motors and windings, heating and cooling equipment, generators, and other equipment. It is small enough to fit in hard-to-reach spaces.

The RFM3254 is an even smaller version of the RFM3250, allowing placement in the tightest spots.

RFM3254 Rugged Wireless Temperature Sensor

RFM3254 sensor

RFM3240 Long-Range Rugged Wireless Temperature Sensor

The RFM3240 offers the longest read range of any of our sensors, up to 19 meters. It attaches to flat metal surfaces.

Temperature Parameters

Designed for harsh environments, all our rugged on-metal sensors have a normal operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

RFM3240 sensor

They can report temperatures beyond its normal operating range to as high as 125°C for brief periods of time, ensuring that an alarm can sound in the event of an extreme temperature spike.


Our complete predictive maintenance kit (RFM5104) comes with a choice of two handheld readers – the RFM5114-Ax with a read range of 2 – 5 m and the RFM5114-Bx with a range of 7 – 12 m.

RFM5114-Ax Reader

RFM5114-Bx Reader

To learn more about the RFMicron’s wireless predictive maintenance system, download our user guide and white paper at https://axzon.com/wireless-predictive-maintenance-system/.

Wireless, Battery-Free Temperature Sensors for Protecting Industrial Equipment