RFMicron empowers you with condition-based monitoring for predictive maintenance using our wireless, battery-free temperature sensors. Smart Passive Sensing™ technology makes it simple to monitor thermal conditions in your industrial equipment continuously and reliably.

RFMicron’s temperature monitoring solution for Predictive Maintenance of electric motors

Easy to Install

Our temperature sensors are quickly and easily installed on the desired parts of the motor, pump, HVAC unit, or other piece of industrial equipment. Using the adhesive backing, there is no need for complicated wiring or added hardware. The sensors’ small and compact form factor allows them to fit almost anywhere to provide total coverage. Each sensor can be individually identified by the reader, allowing maintenance personnel to easily locate the source of any problem.

RFMicron’s complete solution comes with 75 temperature sensors, a portable reader, software, and set-up instructions. Unlike a complicated IoT system that can take up to a year to install and integrate, our system is ready right out of the box.

RFMicron’s passive temperature monitoring sensors


Unlike other sensors, Smart Passive Sensors do not require periodic maintenance or battery changes, thus eliminating maintenance costs. Their rugged design stands up to high temperatures and other environmental pressures. Once installed, our sensors won’t cost you time or money to keep them in working order.

Always On

Continuous monitoring provides better coverage than periodic inspections, ensuring that maintenance teams will never be surprised by motor damage, loose connections, or faulty components. This also makes it simple to track and record changes over time. Establishing a baseline gives valuable insight into the running conditions of your plant. Temperature monitoring can help track a motor’s electrical efficiency, thereby saving on energy costs.

Always Reliable

We provide real-time sensing and reporting of temperature, accurate to within a degree Celsius. Our readers support communication protocols necessary to hook the sensor data up to a processing platform where temperature alarms can be configured and monitored in real-time.

This allows an operator to take timely action to avert motor failures. An alarm also signals when the motor is cool enough to tolerate a restart, preventing damage to the motor caused by too many starts and stops. To ensure that all reads are accurate, the wireless communication between sensor and reader uses a digital protocol with checksums on all transmissions and receptions.

By allowing for continuous and non-disruptive temperature monitoring, RFMicron’s temperature monitoring system keeps you apprised of equipment conditions in real-time. Stay alert to unusual changes in temperature that can indicate pending failures, while at the same time gaining valuable data about your motor’s day-to-day operations.

To learn more about the RFMicron’s wireless predictive maintenance system, download our user guide and white paper at https://axzon.com/wireless-predictive-maintenance-system/.

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